Light bulb

Whilst working on my Futuristic Corridor, my introductory project to Fusion 360, I needed to familiarize myself with Fusion 360’s Lighting Rendering engine, which is something that I was very inexperienced with at the time.

Although the shape of a light-bulb is quite complex the actual design process for it is extremely easy – only requiring 9 Steps.
To create the main shape of the lightbulb I drew the shape of a lightbulb using the Spline tool, this allows you to create a custom curve and then I created an inner offset of that line only 0.2mm thick and then I added a solid bottom plate, I then revolved this drawing around the opposite edge to create a perfect shape.
Once I had the final drawing of the bulb, I revolved it around a 360* point, this created the basic shape for my bulb
It was also at this point that I started adding textures to the final design, I did this by adding a clear acrylic texture to the top and an Satin Aluminium on the bottom, this is as close to the real materials as possible within Fusion 360, as at the time I was unaware that I could create Custom textures also added a thread to the bottom of my bulb
Once I was happy with my materials, I started designing the filament, but first I needed something for the light-bulb Filament to hold onto – So I created a small rectangle and rounded one of the corners, I then gave that a revolve around the same axis as the original light-bulb and from that point I was able to start working on the filament
I started the design for the filament with a single triangle that I then offset by 0.1mm, this gave me a drawing that I was able to extrude, I only extruded it by 0.2mm because I figured that because this will be the main lighting element you probably won’t be able to see the filament detail
Once extruded I was able to give the whole body a material of an white LED, with the Luminance value of 1000000.000 cd / m^2, which whilst is massively overkill for this use case it enabled me to get a reflection off of the ground, and hide any imperfections in the design.
And at this point the model of the bulb was actually complete. I then used the move tool to rotate my bulb so that It looked like it had fallen over, I also created a flat square plane which I gave a generic white texture to. Once I was happy with the positioning I started my render.
This is the final render That I was left with. Overall I’m extremely happy with this project – it was an excellent teaching tool and gave me experience with rendering and lighting, something that came in extremely useful in later projects.