Box Clever

Box Clever was a project that I came about after a client aproached me about designing and developing a small device that put simply, folds boxes into smaller boxes.

The client works in the Stationary Industry, and had recently made a move to online sales, this meant that the majority of the sales would be posted, however my client faced a problem, that the standardized Boxes that they could get a hold we’re way to large for my clients use case.

When they first approached me with the idea they had already created some concept drawings that I used to create an initial concept for the device:

From here I was able to work with the client and further develop the concept, I first started off by developing the extending mechanism, I decided to used a ratchet to create the desired effect.

Once I was happy with the Mechanism I worked closely with my client on creating a initial shape of the device. We came up with a U shape with one side extended, that contained a “Blade” at the top, this would help to crease the card-board. From there I took the inital concepts and started to rapidly develop the design, using FDM 3D Printing allowed me to rapidly prototype and have physical models which I later showed to my client for feedback.

Once my Client was happy with the final design I was able to create a detailed Drawing that my Client Could use to Present to investors and manufactures.

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